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Exhibits Categories

Postpartum Repair
Equipment Manufacturer
Disc rehabilitation therapy instrument, postpartum rehabilitation therapy instrument, breast milk analyzer, disc repair instrument, disc muscle therapy probe, etc
National Chain Nursing
Confinement center, postpartum repair center, medical beauty institutions, pediatric massage, maternity hospital, early education center, pregnant mother yoga institutions, gene testing, etc
Maternal and Child
Health-care Products
Prenatal care products, breast health care, breast patch, private care, maternal and infant health care products, functional diapers for infants, herbal skin care products, etc
Maternal and Infant
Nutrition and Health Food
Maternal and child health nutrition, healthy snacks, complementary food, milk powder, monthly meal, bird's nest, etc
Technical Service Provider
Confinement center professional management system, housekeeping service management system, postpartum repair center management system, the center management system, etc
Personnel Training
Month sister-in-law, nurseries infant division, nursing staff, nutritionist, galactagogue division, postpartum recovery division, etc

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(The above are projected figures)

At present, the "healthy China 2030 plan outline" has entered the stage of full implementation. Building a healthy maternal and child industry ecosystem is obviously an important part of realizing "great health". With the implementation of the universal two-child policy and the promotion of newborn parents' health awareness, the younger generation of mothers have higher requirements on pregnancy and postpartum experience, and pay more attention to the rehabilitation and nursing of postpartum figure. The demand for postpartum maternal and infant services has gradually increased. The "one-stop" maternal and infant services of the maternity center are welcomed by the new generation of mothers. According to analysys, China's maternal and child market reached USD 380 billion in 2018 and is expected to exceed USD427 billion in 2020. According to the current development trend, maternal and child health industry has a good market environment and is a blue ocean market with huge development space.

2019 Facts and Figures

Visitors by Region
Title of Visitors
South China 71%
East China 1 0%
North China 5%
Overseas 5%
Central China 4%

Hong Kong,Macao
and Taiwan 2%

Northeast China 1%
Northwest China 1%
Southwest China 1%

Beauty Salon/Maternity Hotels/Postpartum Rehabilitation Center/Postpartum Recovery Center 28%

Hospital/Doctor 18%
Maternal and Infant Store/Franchisee 13%
Agents/Distributors/Wholesalers 9%
Manufacturer 9%
Importers/Exporters 7%
Medical Examination Center 4%
E-commerce/Wechat Business 4%
Pharmacy 3%
Others 3%
Shops/Retailers 2%

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Buyer categories

Beauty Salon/Maternity
Recovery Cente
Hospital/Doctor Maternal and Infant
Examination Center
Manufacturers Importers/
Shops/Retailers Others